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About Forest Beach

The three-mile Forest Beach area, comprised of the North and South residential areas meeting at Coligny Circle, is one of Hilton Head’s oldest neighborhoods; some homes were built as early as the 1950s. The attraction bringing such a consistent crowd for over 50 years is the close proximity of beach access: each lot in the Forest Beach area is within 600 yards of the Atlantic. While most of Hilton Head Island’s plantation communities are gated, this area is free for all to come and go as they please. Dozens of shops, boutiques, and restaurants—not to mention plenty of parking spaces—draw thousands of tourists and locals alike, each year. Not only does Forest Beach have an easy-to-find location (follow the Cross Island Parkway straight down until it ends at the Coligny Beach traffic circle) but many of the island’s amenities are within a stone’s throw. Also, the island’s first grocery store and first movie theater were both founded at Coligny Plaza. North Forest Beach includes the area between Coligny Circle and Shipyard Plantation’s Crown Plaza Resort while South Forest Beach consists of the land between Coligny and Sea Pines Resort’s Ocean Gate.

Forest Beach History

When Charles Fraser split from the Hilton Head Company in 1956, the Forest Beach area was divided into two parts: north and south. Fraser got South Forest Beach, beginning near the Sea Pines Ocean Gate, and Fred Hack received the more residential area of North Forest Beach. The Seacrest at Coligny, built by Wilton Graves, was up and running even before Sea Pines Plantation. Fraser opened the William Hilton Inn by 1959, and from then on Forest Beach development boomed. 1963 welcomed the Adventure Inn and a golf course by the same company, Atlantis Development. Commercial and residential development spread like wildfire, and land prices soared between 1966 and 1972 with an increase over 400%! The Holiday Inn, home of the Tiki Hut, arrived in 1972 and the same developers opened condos next door; and the rest is history.